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Jake's Assistance Dog Training




Assistance Dog / Pet Dog classes


This program is designed to help people train their own Assistance Dog for home use or for public access. But this program is also great for pet dogs!


Here’s how it works

  • Dogs need to be approved for class! No charge for approvals! Approval includes meeting you and your dog and discussing your training goals.
  • Available to both Assistance dogs and pet dogs, puppies or adults!
  • Classes will be held once or twice a week at different locations in Barron and Rice Lake.
  • Classes will be indoors and outdoors in both private and public spaces.
  • Start with a 6 week basic class for $75.
  • After completing the 6 week class Assistance dogs and pet dogs that want to learn more we have ongoing classes for only $10 a class.
  • Force Free, Positive, Science based training!


We are here to help you get the best trained dog you can!


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Dog Gone Fun Training promotes responsible dog ownership through education and positive training! Dogs help us in so many ways as Assistance Dogs, Service Dogs, Therapy Dogs, Search and Rescue, Bomb, Bug and Drug detecting, and so much more. Dogs are very special creatures and we have so much more to learn from them. Every Dog deserves to be treated with respect and dignity.



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