Dog Gone Fun Training promotes responsible dog ownership through education and positive training! Dogs help us in so many ways as Assistance Dogs, Service Dogs, Therapy Dogs, Search and Rescue, Bomb, Bug and Drug detecting, and so much more. Dogs are very special creatures and we have so much more to learn from them. Every Dog deserves to be treated with respect and dignity.




I'm semiretired now but looking at taking on new clients in the Barron Wisconson area. This is on a case by case bases. You must be willing to put some work into your dog, use food or toys as a reward and have fun training your dog. If you are interested please contact my Email for prices and more information.




looking for Dog Training Classes????


I am looking for people in the Barron Wisconson area that would be interested in taking group classes!!!!

Asking a donation of $5 or more per class to help cover costs of class and website.

Meeting at local parks and dog freindly businesses!

Class starts with the basics and we will work our way up from there. The direction this class takes is up to the class.

I hope to share what I have learned working with dogs over the last 13 years!


Sorry no group classes offered at this time but I hope to offer them soon!



Contact Rob for more information!




Also Please take a look around at my free information and great links!




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